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The sound of waves crashing, the fresh sea breeze and sand below your feet. With Maury Collections, a perfect wedding in a tropical paradise can be yours.

Located in the beautiful South Padre Island, we offer multiple services that will make your special day stress-free; from linen rentals to chairs to dance floors. We can help you make your wedding a truly memorable event, seeing as how we offer a variety of options in locations, flower arrangements, and so much more!

Ultimately, it will all be up to you to ensure that your special day is truly yours and, of course, special. After all, nothing says romance like a wedding on the beach, and with Maury Collections, your wedding will certainly be like no other.

Centerpieces Decorations SPI Beach Wedding


Maury Collections offers top quality centerpieces, made up of either real or artificial flowers, in order to add a little something to make your event all the more memorable. Click below to see some samples of our products.

Natural Flowers         Artificial Flowers

Dance Floors

Every perfect wedding needs the perfect dance. Make this happen with a dance floor that we can take care of for you.


Gazebo SPI Beach Wedding Decorations

Beach Weddings

A wide variety of columns, arches, dance floors and everything in between can add a special touch to your wedding. Transform a garden or beach shore into the perfect setting for your special day!



Maury Collections offers a wide variety of floral pieces of all colors and sizes. Add some more vibrancy to your event with flowers fit to your liking.


Maury Collections rents linens for SPI Beach Wedding Decorations


Maury Collections rents linens of the highest quality. Choose from a wide range of colors and designs to make your event one you’ll never forget.


Structures and Columns

Click below to see some options of decorative arrangements of drapings, LED lights, tables, and more that’ll make your wedding one you’ll always remember.


Maury Collections provides services for stress-free beach weddings in SPI; from linen rentals, centerpieces, curtains to chairs, LED lighting, dance floors and arrangements.

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